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Should Home Buyers Use a Realtor?

 With just the stroke of a few keys, you can find myriad resources on the Web to help you in your search for a new home. Besides property listings, you can find out about specific communities, schools and mortgage options.

Focus Real Estate Group has great resources right on this website: Top-notch MLS Listing Search tools, including map-based searches, and up-to-date information about communities, schools and real estate activity specific to the home or homes you are interested in. Our mortgage calculators are specific to individual listings,

Q: With this wealth of information at your disposal, do you really need a real estate professional to represent you?

A: Absolutely!

Think of it this way, when you go to an unfamiliar place, sure you could do a self-guided tour. However, your tour is much more rewarding and enriching when you have someone who is familiar with the location to guide you along because he or she has inside knowledge on the history, culture, and stories that you may not have otherwise received.

The same can be said about Realtors. A Realtor’s role is more than someone to drive you around from property to property. We can be a great resource, especially to home buyers relocating from other communities. I know the local area including home values, taxes, utility costs, and school data, and may even be knowledgeable about resources pertaining to your special interests or needs. For instance, should you require help relocating an aging parent with you, I may be able to direct you to local services or organizations for the elderly.

A Realtor can familiarize you with the processes involved in buying a home, alert you to potential risks, help you determine how much house you can afford, explain alternative financing strategies, as well as provide tremendous moral support.

Another benefit is having a strong advocate during the negotiating process. I can help you objectively evaluate an offer then work to negotiate a favorable contract. During the process, I will review the contract and obligations before you sign, explain how contingencies and release clauses work, and so on. I can be the difference between you buying and buying well. (Best Home, Best Price, Most Protection, Least Amount of Stress, and within Your Time Frame)

And something easy to overlook is our familiarity with the complexity and risks inherent in the process. In the years I have been practicing I have been continually amazed at how quickly a seemingly simple transaction can grow legally complex and risky. When complex questions arise, I can help you quickly locate an attorney or other licensed professionals whose services you may require, such as home inspectors, engineers, surveyors, and lenders.

As your single point of contact, I can manage the entire transaction including coordinating inspections, keeping in touch with the other real estate professionals, managing the documentation for the loan process, monitoring deadlines associated with contingencies, providing applicable paperwork, estimating closing costs, and helping prepare for a smooth and uneventful closing.

If you’re about to begin the process of buying or selling a home, consider involving using me and my services. When the stakes are high, it’s comforting to have a professional by your side.

Buying Services for Gainesville Home Buyers

Congratulations!  You have decided to purchase a home, or are thinking about buying one.  You’ll be joining the ranks of hundreds of families who realize that home ownership offers a number of benefits including building equity, saving for the future, and creating an environment for your family.  When you own your own home, your hard-earned dollars contribute to your mortgage. The equity you earn is yours.  Over time, your home will increase in value.

In the following reports, you’ll find the information you need to make a wise buying decision.  We’ll take you through the planning process step-by-step , to help you determine which home is right for you.  You’ll find a host of informative articles on mortgages, viewing homes, the offer, closing details and moving.

Please contact me if you have any questions about buying a home in Gainesville or elsewhere in Florida.

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