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Gainesville FL Neighborhoods: Overviews & Real-Estate Trends

Check out the illustrated real estate trend reports! We feature 7  popular neighborhoods in Gainesville, Florida.  See Campus View Condos, Longleaf Village, Wilds Plantation, Haile Plantation and Haile Plantation Links, Brookfield, Town of Tioga and Weschester. Click images below to read about each community. Learn about newest listings and sold listings and current inventory.  We also provide sales-to-list ratios. That means, the differecne between what the owner listed the property at, and the price it sold for. Useful to know! Also,  median sale prices in the last six months, and open-house schedules.

Popular Gainesville Neighborhood Overviews

View in-depth community overviews of Campus View Condos and Longleaf Village. See maps, home/neighborhood features, schools, and walk score information. Click on any home-for-sale listing. These are displayed in the real estate Listing reports for each neighborhood.

Weschester Neighborhood - NW 43rd St. @ 82nd Blvd.

See Market Report, Open Houses, New & Sold Listings

Ask Realtor Ben about Popular Gainesville Neighborhoods

As a Realtor in Gainesville since 2006, I’m very familiar with our neighborhoods. I know their characters.  So, are you after rural or urban? Historical and quaint, or modern? How about suburban neighborhoods? If you work or study near the UF Campus or Shands or the VA, I can steer you to homes or condos or apartments in walking distance. I have the perspectives of a long-time city resident. I also am an experienced realtor, so I’m familiar with local build quality, the character of neighborhoods and home-owner-groups, and much more that you will never learn from a brochure.  Plus, I can fill you in on awesome new housing developments. Text or call me Realtor Ben at 352-682-9704 or shoot me an email.

Each profiled neighborhood has its special features and location benefits. With our valuable monthly market reports, you’ll get the inside scoop on each neighborhood you’re interested in. It’s hyper-local insights to help you make the best home-buying decision, at the time that’s best for you, in the locale of your choice.

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